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Name: Micheal Harmon (human) Sonamy The Hedgehog (hedgehog)

Age: 19-20 (really been alive since the beginning of time and cannot age)

Class: Original Leader (Ancient)

Father: Sonic The Hedgehog

Mother: Amy Rose

Brother and Sisters: Rory the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Samy the Hedgehog (cometshina character), and Lapis the Hedgehog (cometshina character), Jordan, Magenta and Iris (all 3 characters are RockstarNekoGirl)

Friends: Sonic's Family and Team, (Team and Band), Pyron and Slivia (Silver and Blaze's son and daughter, cometshina's character), Sora (Shadow and Rouge's son, cometshina's character), (my guy is related to to a lot of cometshinas characters, only the sonic next gen, here is the link to her: and etc

Species: Hedgehog or Human

Outfit: Blue and pink hooded trench coat, blue pants, white shirt, red with a white striped shoes (similar to sonic's shoes in SA 2), and a machine circular piece on his chest that opens to show his spark and connected around his heart and second spark, fingerless metal gloves (inside is soft, outside is metal) 

(My Characters)
Team (Family) and Band: Micheal (leader, brother in arms, Sonic and Amy's son), Joseph (brother in arms, Manic's son), Scalan (sister in arms, Sonia's daughter), Gold and Ice (brother and sister in arms, Silver and Blaze's son and daughter), Chad and Ruby (brother and sister in arms, Shadow and Rouge's son and daughter), John (brother in arms, Tails and Cream's son), Ashley (Knuckles and Shade's daughter)

Forms: Normal Hedgehog, Human (main form, Micheal likes being a human more than hedgehog), Super, Hyper, Dark, Darkspine, EXE, Demon, Fleetway, Master Emerald form, Angel of Darkness form, and a Failure form (Failure is like a fallen angel form)

Powers: Light and Darkness (strongest powers), Fire, Water, Nature, Lightning, Wind, Shadow, Metal, Ribbon, Tech (any type), Teleport (to place from place, use other powers to teleport, and teleport through space and time)

Weapons: Swords, 2 revolvers, Scythe, War Hammer (made for him by his mother (Amy Rose), (Armor Weapons) Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Plasma cannon, and (lots of guns), 2 Swords (each on are on his arms), 2 arm blades on the back of his fore arm all the way to his wrists, 2 chains (are spears connected to chains around his wrists)

Defenses: Armor, Shielding

Activities: Builds things, plays guitar, sings, messing around with his tarot cards

Nemesis: Doctor Marc Aka Sonbound

Enemies: ChaosCroc, Eggman, The Deadly Six, Lyric, Nemesis (a metal version of Micheal made by Robotnik), and two of his friends (Knuckles and Sticks) and etc.

Advantages: Knows martial arts, how to dodge, battle tactic and strategy, and knows how to adapt to his surroundings and environment and is very intelligent and his senses and hearing are 10 times better than a human 

Disadvantages: Unexpect thing (something Micheal didn't know about that happened), hate webb's, tentacles, chains, and rope (usually ends up getting captured by these when Micheal is alone in a fight), sometimes leaves an unguarded space on his body in a fight for a move, has a hard time fighting in the darkness (has to use a light on his 2 revolvers and right shoulder 

Weakness (Death and Weaken): Being stabbed in one or both of his sparks by a sword (Micheal gets weakened when one spark is stabbed, if both sparks are stabbed, he will die and it will take longer for his sparks and the machine that holds them together to repair it self, only a sword can do this, a gun cannot penetrate his chest) Blood loss from being stabbed (knife max on stabbing 20(small knifes)- 30(big knifes), when Micheal gets stabbed by a knife he will suffer blood loss and will get of balance and will slightly weaken him) (sword max on stabbing 5(sword, long sword, arm blades, Katana, sabers, battle axes), his 2rd or 3rd slash on a sword he will suffer massive blood loss and will be very weak and will start dying slowly)

Greatests Wins: Saving the world (lots of times), defeating dark sonic and dark shadow, Stopping the destruction of time, and etc

Micheal Harmon is a hero and is an Originals. Micheal has 2 sparks in his chest (one in the heart and one in his chest) to make him stronger and gives him more stamina. Micheal bones are like an are machine bones. Micheal doesn't age. Micheal has a scar on his right eye and has long hair. Micheal eyes are a blue-green color.  Micheal inherent Sonic's speed and Amy Rose's strength. Micheal was brought to life by Robotnik's grandfather. Robotnik's grandfather combined the DNA of Sonic the Hedgehog and Amy Rose, but it was a fail and Micheal escaped. Micheal was at the base where shadow was. Micheal is very hard to kill and he won't go down without a fight, also if he does die, he will come back to life because he was cursed by Amy Rose using her tarot cards. Micheal is a Prince. Micheal has a advance technology armor with an ai named Syra. Micheal armor is a white and has blue, pink, green, purple, silver, and black glowing marks all over his armor. The glowing marks are a bond between him and his team. Micheal has a lot of markings all over his body from his neck to his feet and it shows that he is an ancient original leader (meaning that he is one of seven leaders). Micheal will risk his life for his family and friends. Micheal does have his darkness in his soul which causes him to sometimes turn into his Dark form, Exe from, Demon from, and Fleetway form. Micheal is strong enough to use the power of the Master Emerald and he gained a form, The Master Emerald form, which turns his body emerald green and makes him stronger and faster than Hyper Sonic or Dark Sonic. Micheal gained his Human form by absorbing a crystal that unlocked his Human form and powers, he can use his powers both hedgehog and human, but when he is human his powers are stronger, like his forms are stronger when he is a hedgehog.

Image: Unknown


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